Saturday, May 12, 2007

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Good evening!

How are you?

I'm jolly fine now you ask................There are a hundred and one reasons not to be I suppose, but fuck that. For every boot in the nuts, theres a dozen pleasures and delights, such as...........

Tony Blair announcing his departure date for one. Not that I have any more contempt/indifference towards him than the average punter in the street, it's just that I can now count down the days to 'Gordo Broon Day' and learn the words to East Fife Uber Ales.........(Attempt at humour)

John Reid exiting with his tail between his legs has also been a hi-light. Ah yes, the home office rottie, shorn of it's nuts and limping rather badly. Shall we put him out of his misery? or should we text him..........?

'Fck of bwjws pzs of bak 2 lnrkshr lcal poltix U twat!'

The Tigers have Kings Lynn in the semis of the Premier Trophy. To most Glasgow speedway fans this is the kiss of death, the guarantee of defeat before thoughts of a place in the final can be considered. That may be so, but I'm really quite looking forward to it. If the top end riders are on form and the middle order live up to their potential, then hell, who knows................... Kings Lynn could win both legs...................(Another attempt at humour)
I'm not making my case very well here, am I?

Anyway, it's the weekend, I'm a bit drunk and life is essentially a good thing.

It's Youtube ya rube!!!!


matt lobster said...

John Reid - What a fuck of fuck. One of these twats that thinks it's important to tell everyone how well they're going to do a job before actually doing it. Flat on his dumb fucking face.

iLL Man said...

Och! I'm missing the twat already and he's not even gone yet.....

Rob7534 said...

How I have missed your drunken posts! Love the text message, one of these days I have to learn how to text in shorthand.

iLL Man said...

Hey Rob!

Ah, yr easy pleased mate.... ;D Text shorthand? Just miss out the vowels.