Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Scottish Idlers Guild

Just a post to mention the Scottish Idlers Guild that has just been set up by Clairwil. For a good description of what's involved, just read this, then dive in if it's exactly what you're after in life.



SzélsőFa said...

I find the name of the association a bit...hmm...idle? perhaps?

On a more serious tone:
I think the idea is great - one has to get off the work-paycheck-tax-mortgage-death circle.

I think all responsible and intelligent people are striving towards something like this, aren't we?

but as we are different, our ways might be different, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ewen

The Idlers group is a top idea, Im sure u will be inundated with new members.

Hows it goin with yr window seat at work, u gettin to see some blue sky at least?

I have been sunnin it up big style the past couple of days, its been magic!

I had the privilege to spend today with my lovely neice and nephew, due to their schools bein closed for voting. So where did we go to?.... 1 of my favourite places in Glasgow, the sunny (extremely busy) Botanics to feed the squirrels, pigeons and ducks.

Fantastic time had by all, especially me!!

Hope yr enjoyin the sunny evenings
take it easy,

Diane x

iLL Man said...

Szelsofa - You are correct. Thing is, if people can get their heads together and bash out some ideas over a few drinks then it's all the better.

Diane - It's all down to Clairwil. I couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. Plenty blue sky, I have to say. Rather nice it is too. Pity about the utter bore that sits next to me. Another story for another day......

You picked a cracking week to take off, didn't you? The Botanics on a good day are paradise. I take it you were down on the riverside path. Those squirrels down there rock! The ducks at the bridge are also brilliant.

Took some cracking photos on the way back from the polling booth tonight.They're in the latest post.


Anonymous said...

Mornin Ewen, it was mornin when I started to write this but Im easliy distracted & have been back and forwards to pc!!

Aye we were at the riverside path feedin the animals, and yr right the squirrels down there do rock!! I fondly refer to that spot as Squirrel City.
We went up and down the path a few times lookin for different family members (of the squirrels!) I know I shouldnt coz its not fair, but I kinda have a favourite, s/he(dont think its possible to tell the sex of a squirrel unless u get up close and personal) is called blacknose(by me of course.)

Yr photos ARE crackin, I especially like the 2nd 1.
I took a cool squirrel pic yesterday (I'll mail u it), it wasnt with the others in Squirrel City, it was boldly troopin about on the grass close to the masses of sunworshipers.

Im gony post this now, or I'll be endin it with

D x

iLL Man said...

Diane - Some are bold as brass. The secret is to stop, crouch and maybe place something on the ground. They can't help coming for a wee gander.