Friday, October 19, 2007


Life ain't fair sometimes, just ask David McAllan....

This year, he's visited the crash barriers and medical facilities of British speedway venues just a little too often, sometimes through no fault of his own. He even got a black eye off an opposition riders father in Newport and was then fined for 'starting' the rammy that ensued. See? Not his year. He's been pretty good when his bike has been on song and he's recovered from his various knocks, but last Sunday was to prove a rather grim reminder of the dangers of the sport. He wasn't the only one, a Stoke rider took to the air at one point and almost landed in the stadium bar for a premature pint, and another Tigers rider lost control and almost ended up in the crowd as well. In David's case, he was bashing it out with Birmingham rider Phil Morris for a minor place when he got punted unceremoniously into the chain-link fencing and suffered a horrible back injury. Nerve damage seems to be the diagnosis and he has no sensation in his legs at the moment. Fingers crossed his recovery is swift, but I have a feeling he'll be laid up for a wee while. I hope he's back next year and even faster than before. He's too young to hang up the gear just yet.

Get well soon David

This is for..................

People whose favourite colour is gold.

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