Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Like Birds

Strange day. As one who seems to suffer three day hangovers these days, I fully expected to wake up this morning and feel that familiar fuzziness hanging about from Thursday night. It wasn't, but I still spent the day contemplating my navel for some reason or other. It's not like the weather was bad or anything, but I really need to shake off the whole winter hibernation mode I'm in and get my lardy arse out the door. Even if it is just to go to Lidl for a pint of milk.......

Anyway, best things about today........ Watching a couple of small birds (blue tits I think) poking about in the tree in the front garden of my parents house. It looked like they were sizing it up for nesting purposes, but it's a little small just now. Maybe give it a couple of years.

Also saw the worlds scabbiest magpie. It looked like it had been in the wars, it's tail feathers all tattered, it's white plummage looking rather grey and dirty. If theres one thing you can say about magpies, it's that they're always very well turned out. Not sure what the story was with this one, but it was looking distinctly second hand and off it's game.

Then it was off up to Stobhill to see Grandpa. Bumped into my cousin while I was there and we sat with old Jim while he regaled us with the story of how the humble tomato prevented him from being called up to fight Hitler and how we're all going to die in a huge mushroom cloud soon. He's probably right too. Put me in a right cheery mood, I can tell you................

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band version of an old Jaques Brel ditty called 'au Suivant'. Or 'Next' for short.

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