Saturday, March 29, 2008


Ever been threatened with extreme violence by a sixteen year old weilding what looks like a steel baton, less than thirty seconds from your home? Didn't think so.................So glad I was going to a Thrash metal gig tonight, the music sort of expressed what I was feeling.

My sincerest hope is that the little fuck who threatened me chokes on his own vomit or falls into the canal. One thing you can be sure of, I will not go out now after dark without a stick to beat these fuckers with. Not going to run away from these little fucks again.

I do not regard maiming sub human shit to be a crime

Mighty Boosh. Enjoy!


last year's girl said...

Shitebag! Hope you're okay mate.

iLL Man said...

I'm fine now. A little shaken at the time, but I'll get over it. A wee trip to Victor Morris for a stun gun would, in an ideal world, be a good move. Jab the fuckers in the balls with it and ensure they can neither breed nor walk properly again.

Sadly, I don't fancy getting arrested because I've forgotten to take it out my bag when I go to the football or something.........

Anonymous said...

Want back-up ? I have some righteous rage to express.

iLL Man said...

Cheers for the offer P. Wee spods like that don't attack you if you're with anyone else, it goes against their code of conduct which states that one should only
pick on those who look like they wouldn't offer much resistance.

I have taken measures though. Something solid, yet legal, at all times in my bag and a bit more thought put into my movements after dark.

Fucking cockroaches!