Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is It Really? I Had No Idea..........

Alternative Solutions: 'I Know Where You Hide Your Porn', 'Heterosexuality Ruins Marriage' or 'I Like Poor People!, They Make My Trainers' **

Oh God! How long do you think it took them to come up with that particular observation? I mean, they have that great big ruddy wall to work with and that's the best they can come up with? Bad World For Poor People? It's a bad world for a hell of a lot of people if you give them the time of day to tell you. I'm sure the author meant it to provoke thought or maybe get a message over to the many thousands who pass through Charing Cross each day. Instead people see it and think "Yeah, it is a bad world for poor people. That's why I'm not poor. What can you do? Not my fault..... Now, what's on Talk Radio......"

The wall gets painted red about twice a year by the council to cover the graffiti that seems to accumulate on it, and obviously someone has chosen their moment to impart something 'meaningful' to us all. It's the dribbling simpleton element of the left in full flow. People who think the above message is anything other than a statement of the blindingly obvious, and more to the point, don't recognise it as a colossal waste of fucking paint and wallspace. I preferred the old graffiti tags that were on there before, they had a certain rough charm if nothing else.

Anyway, here dear reader(s) is your challenge. Taking into consideration the size of the wall, it's elevation and visibility (certainly in winter), I want you to come up with an alternative message for the people of Glasgow. It can be as crude, surreal, clever or banal as you want. In fact, if you can come up with something that is even more ridiculous than "Bad World For Poor People" you will win an extra special (non) prize!

Anyway, I think I have a bout of what may well be Sciatica coming on. I've lost count of the amount of times I've refilled my hot water bottle tonight. Spent most of today at work walking about like a stop-motion Max Wall. Not fucking funny! The yelps of agony when I sneezed or shifted the wrong way in my seat were to be heard in the street I believe...........

Tomorrow: When they steal the kettle and condemn you to drinking hot piss from an electronic box.

**I realise that in this day and age, the last suggestion could and probably would be taken at face value by many people.

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