Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Grilled Pizza

Possibly the least accurate statement ever made.

Yes, tonight I grilled a pizza. It tasted like shit, as you might imagine. It was not intentional, but nonetheless it must rank as a first for me, considering my widely respected aptitude for heating up food.

Next week I shall be deep frying a Ceaser Salad, par-boiling some macaroni cheese and oven baking Tomato Soup.


Rob said...

I might like to try the deep-fried Caesar, actually.

ZinZin said...

If this what living on your own is like, I'm never leaving home.

SzélsőFa said...

I think you should try some basics: 'Roasted English Tea'

iLL Man said...

Rob - Yours for a fiver guv!

Zinzin - My cooker and grill are the same compartment. I just turned the dial to the wrong setting. It could happen to anyone.You'll be happy to know the chances are it won't happen to you. You will set the curtains on fire though, so keep a bucket of water handy. ;)

Szelsofa - Interesting! We usually stew it here........ (boom!boom!)

Right, I'm away for some steamed Weetabix.

The Birdwatcher said...

Steamed Weetabix, now that does sound tasty. Mrs BW is threatening me with salads due to none of my trousers fitting so anything sounds good.

iLL Man said...

Want to lose weight? Buy my new recipe book 'Poached Cheesecake and other Cookery Calamities'

You'll never eat again!