Monday, March 17, 2008

That's Me Set For The Summer!

The speedway season is back and I'm happy as a pig in shit......... Great fun today, watching everyone bumping and bouncing round the track, trying to find their footing and not get thrown off by the boggy bit at the inside of the track and the dirty great big ruts that always remain after a winter of disuse. The Tigers came good in the end and just edgedout Berwick Bandits with a 5-1 in the final heat.


Malc said...

It's a shame I live several hundred miles from the nearest track. Still, the good news is that Wolves whacked Coventry last night.

iLL Man said...

Nice one Wolves. Didn't Coventry clean up last season? The averages for this years Elite League have been rather slashed though, so it's all change I suppose.

Malc, I'll make a long distance Tigers fan of ye yet.......... ;)

Great to see Glasgows two new Aussie youngsters rescue the meeting and find their feet in heat 14. We were six points behind with three to go would you believe......