Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Can You Have Too Many Blogs?

First of all, clairwils new All Star Tag Team Blog A Mischief Of Magpies is now well and truly up and running, featuring contributions from some of the sharpest and most articulate bloggers on the net..................and me. That's nothing. This months award for spreading yourself a little too thinly goes to Savanna whose slew of self prommotions on the comments section of this page should put us all to shame. She seems to have a blog for every occassion. Of course, I'm too scared to visit any of them. It's late now and I need to be turning in. Heres a prayer for NO FUCKING RAIN TOMORROW!!!!! You hear me up there? All this from an card carrying atheist. Pathetic!


Clairwil said...

Savanna is fucking terrifying. I love the are you really Austalian question though. As if she can't quite believe people in other countries exist. I'm a bit puzzled by her assertion that the toilets in Australia flush the opposite way. That would be disgusting.

ill man said...

Multiple blogs are fine, but thats just overkill. I'm sure she means well, but maybe just a link to her main site would have sufficed, with a small note pointing the direction to her multitude of blogs. It just looked like spam to me.