Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Wanderer Returns

Ok, i'm back. The Mischief has taken up a wee bit of my time, but ultimately i've just been a lazy old cunt. After a brilliant victory for Thistle yesterday and a , shall we say, "Interesting" forum night out in Munns Vaults, i've been a little distracted this weekend. Last I posted, I was regaling you all with tales of fox sightings. In hindsight, I feel it was a bad move to name the post Fuck Me! A Fox!!! Even with the exclamation marks its dangerously close to a rallying call to every bestiality fiend on the internet. Is anyone, like me, watching channel four's 100 sexiest moments bore show? Please, spare me all that "Isnt Last Tango In Paris sooo erotic?" crap. Buy fucking porn. Maybe i'm jaded but film and tv sex is just so dull, unerotic and twee I could fucking puke. Someone at the start of the show pompously opined that good cinema sex was erotic whilst porn was just gynaecological. Fuck you. Of course, Its all an excuse for the usual litany of mindless hacks, past it movie stars and nanocelebs like Tara Palmer Tompkinson to grab a hold of the passing porn bandwagon (Isnt Ron Jeremy brilliant!! I've seen Deep Throat you know....) and act all smug and knowing about the seedy world of sex on the screen. Or maybe i've no imagination and I should be locked up as the disgusting porn fiend I am.........................You decide, i'm too tired to care anymore. nightnight............

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