Monday, October 31, 2005

Marc Chagall

Hello Apologies for my abscence, but I refuse to post just for the sake of posting. Not that anyones noticed I suppose........... The mooted new blog will not materialise(sounds of cheering). I'm hard pressed to come up with enough nonsense to fill two blogs, never mind three. Tonights subject is Marc Chagall. A Russian born painter who's work could be as dark and brooding as it could be frivolous and surreal. Many of his paintings also expressed his bottomless love for his wife Bella, and documented their idyllic courtship. Expressions of complete love for ones significant other don't come much more explicit than the painting shown above, which is called 'The Birthday'. In it, the male figure seemingly contorts and defies the laws of physics to make physical contact with his lover. This is a common motif in Chagalls paintings, flying or floating figures used to convey the sheer joy of being in love. Anyway, have a look at his work and read about the man here and here. Other matters; For the record, Partick Thistle recorded another victory at the weekend and went into second place in SFL division 2. Not that some of the grumpy cunts surrounding me at Firhill seemed to notice. I suppose they pays their cash and are entitled to abuse particular players before they even touch a ball, but it all becomes a bit soul crushing. A bit of joy in victory chaps, otherwise we just end up turning into a lower division version of those mirthless old firm pricks. We play teams off the park every so often, but on the whole, the games are tight and competitive, so I generally don't expect much more than one goal victories. Anyway, how was your weekend.....................?


alan said...

what a great chagall painting!

alan said...

i'm 'this moment', not 'these moments' :)

ill man said...

Oops. I'll change it as soon as I get my flat rate connection back up. Can't spend any real time on it at the moment, just a few minutes a day.

It is a rather fine painting. Possibly my favourite Chagall..