Saturday, October 22, 2005

Like Putting Your Head In The Total Perspective Vortex

"There Is Something Hugely Comforting About Realising You Are Just A Tiny Dot In A Vast Universe" (Claire Gemson, from an article in The Herald Weekend Living supplement about Steve Owens astronomy lectures at The Glasgow Science Centre.) For a lot of people, such a thought is utterly terrifying. As an atheist i've always felt fairly happy with the utterly mind buggering vastness of the universe. It leaves me with much the same serene reverie as our stargazing chum quoted above. Now, the idea that there might be such a thing as "God" out there................ That really gives me the creeps. One more thing before I go. To passers by and regular readers alike, pay a visit to clairwil and lend some support to the campaign to return the Vucaj family to Glasgow. They were deported with unecessary force some month and a half ago to the remote Albanian highlands to live in a village to which the children have no attatchment or understanding and especially in the case of the daughter, is an extremely dangerous place to be. They simply do not belong there, have no future there and in terms of human potential are wasting away when they could be contributing to the society they lived in for five years and in the case of the three children, spent their formative years in. Anyway, clairwil articulates it better than I ever could, so please, use the link.


Clairwil said...

As a fellow atheist and rampant sentimentalist, I've often been moved to tears by ancient forests or beautiful mountains. I love to feel that I am a tiny part of a huge force like nature. It puts so much in perspective. Similarly I feel like standing on a table and cheering when I see the relics of ancient civilizations or any other evidence of human achievement. I feel like remarking to passing cats that 'my mob built that, you know'. Humans living in society function much better when they believe in something.

ill man said...

Theres nothing I can add to that.