Saturday, February 18, 2006


Well, that was a bag of old shite and no mistake. The record that changed my life, Nevermind by Nirvana, got the 'Classic Rock Albums' treatment tonight. There is nothing more tedious than documentaries about the making of an album. FACT! At best they offer some good live footage but that's the lot. Old men flatulently reminiscing about probably the most tedious chore a rock star has to go through. It's just an excuse for "Commentators" to attempt to "re-contextualise" the given piece of work and for wanky techno bore producers to explain in mind numbing detail how they recorded everything from drum sounds to vocal effects to the bloody bass player farting. Thanks folks, thanks for making the music really come alive for me....................... They did their best to ruin a good memory, but nothing will ever take away the absolute buzz I got on hearing Nevermind for the first time and realising how powerful music can be. It also made me realise I had been in some sort of trance for the first fifteen years of my life, which was helpful. Yes, I know, I'm not much better now than I was then, but it's always good to know that theres something in this shadowy old world that you really couldn't live without.

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