Monday, February 20, 2006

By Jove!!

Days lengthening perceptibly now. Nice to come out of work in something approaching daylight. A Mischief Of Magpies has just recieved it's first award nomination, over at the brilliant Tampon Teabag. Ironically it's an award for the best award feature on a blog. I know Clairwil's chuffed to bits and so should everyone connected with the blog. I know I am. Into the studio on thursday. Can't practice much as my throat and sinuses are a bit tender. Just hope this little 'tickle' passes quickly. The idea of turning up and running dry after about an hour is too horrific to contemplate. In other news, I see Mogwai, in particular Barry Burns, have been launching feet first into various Brit nominated acts. Normally i'd condemn such behaviour, but most of the targets are entirely deserving(James "Fucking" Blunt, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs etc) I also love Mogwai to pieces. It seems the meat of the story in todays Daily Retard was culled from the band's own website, which makes one wonder why that halfwitted bint Beverly Lyons is paid a wage. Ooh, a few snide remarks. There are classrooms of twelve year olds that write better than that. Meanwhile, let's all have a hoot at what Old Mother Burnie has to put up with. No wonder the dried up hacket faced old cow is such a sociopath.

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Larry Teabag said...

You won!

Have I told you already?

You won!