Friday, February 10, 2006

I Fell Asleep.............

The Mitchell Library, Charing Cross, Glasgow Last I remember was coming in and watching The Simpsons at around 6pm. Awoke about half an hour ago and i'm mildly pissed off to say the least. I like my kip, but that is ridiculous. Ok, the weekend looms and I should be thankfull, but fuck me if the evenings aren't my own time and I can do without sleeping through them. The result of all this is that i'll be awake until about 4am or something. Aren't I lucky? Anyway, I found some intresting illustrations here. Ah what grand and foolish plans. If only they knew their utopian and well intended designs would turn out like this and this One of the busiest but worst designed sections of motorway in Britain. Also found some photos regarding what might have been. Roads To Nowhere. Many regard the M8 through Glasgow as an ugly concrete tomb. Don't mean to sound pseud-ish, but I beg to differ. Theres something majestic about these over lapping and spiraling arteries that only really grabs you when you get up close to it and take the history of the road's construction into account.

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