Saturday, February 11, 2006

Saturday Afternoon At Firhill

The old main stand at half time. Now closed in an attempt to cut costs. Sad.

Action from the first half. Away stand in background with a healthy Morton support(around 1200) Most teams in the Scottish 2nd division only manage a few hundred at best.

View from Jackie Husband Stand across disused terracing towards Charing Cross and Glasgow City Centre.

Cheap stylised action shot. I'm good at these. Someone with the shakes would be good at these...........

Munns Vaults on Maryhill Road. Right click and open in new window to see notice behind bar.

The game, against Greenock Morton ended 1-1. Thistle led for much of the match but after a good first half, proceeded to allow Morton to take the upper hand and gain the inevitable equaliser. Also a big thankyou to Lawson Speirs for bringing the maps. I'l have them back to you at one of the upcoming home games.


west coaster said...

I'm a Morton fan and disappointed we couldn't make better inroads into Gretna's lead. I mean Gretna! For fucks sake - a bunch of upstarts compared with the Jags and ourselves.

ill man said...

Upstarts with money though. Thing is, how far do they go on Milesons cash? He'll have to build a stadium, then build a side to stay in the SPL. They've beaten St Johnstone and now they've demolished Clyde, two high flying 1st division sides. I can't see how the leap up is going to faze them too much.

Worry not, they'll come down as fast as they went up. Just look at Livi.