Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Is That All There Is?

Evening all. Normality returns, and with it my good cheer. Almost. I really must do better next year. A week in the highlands at a remote B+B, or maybe a week in Prague....(Yes!!Yes!!) Boxing day was utterly ruined by the fact I spent two hours in baltic conditions watching Partick Thistle. I was never taken to the circus as a child but thanks to our very own ringmaster Dangerous Dick Campbell I got to see what I may have missed. There were no elephants, lions or ball juggling sea lions, though there were eleven brightly clad clowns masquerading as footballers. All they needed at full time was a car for them all to pile into so that the wheels and doors could fall off................. If you have quicktime you can have a bit of a laugh here. SPIELBERGS PRAYER FOR PEACE Couldn't help noticing that Steven Spielberg has made a film about the 1972 Munich Olympics murders and the reprisals meted out by Mossad. It's been slagged a bit by Israeli critics anyway, but it would seem that one of the masterminds behind the Black September group who murdered eleven Israeli athletes, Mohammed Daoud, has stuck his boot into it as well. To be honest, his problem was more to do with not getting a call to act as a consultant than anything else. He's unrepentant about his actions, which is to be expected. He may well have made a decent contribution to the film had he been asked but this is Spielberg and Hollywood, and the outrage that would have ensued had he taken part in the making of the film would have been commercial suicide. Ironically, it would have made me want to see the film even more...............Filthy terrorist lover that I am. As it is, i'll wait for full reviews before I decide to see this one. Interesting Viewpoint. Arabic Uncle Tom or the painfull truth? Une Bonne Nuit À Vous Toute!

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