Saturday, June 02, 2007

The End Of The World

Don't you just hate it when people start talking to you when you've got earphones in? What other indication that I do not wish to converse with you (or anyone for that matter) do you need? How fucking rude! Of course, plain old curiosity gets the better of me and I unplug for the slightly scruffy gent beside me. I'm resigned to the fact that he wants either loose change or directions, but no, he's got something rather more pressing in mind.

"What are we gonnae dae? The worlds gonnae end!!"

"Curl up in a ball and pray to Jesus?"

Ok, so I didn't say that. I shrugged and said "Cool!", put Iggy back on and wandered off............Bloody urban attention seekers.

There are a multitude of smart arse answers to the above question.

"Good, about fucking time!"

"Can it wait until I've had my tea?, I'm starvin"

"You can do what you want my good man, but I intend to spend what little time I have left masturbating. Now, if you'll excuse me......."

"We? Who's 'We'? You got a mouse in yer pocket?

"Could you not have told me that a week ago....?"

"I suggest we all get naked, gather in George Square and fuck like rabbits"

"No, they said sunny with light showers"

"You're a week late pal"

"Are you from the Digger?"

My favourite................

"Voluntad usted me dirige por favor terminal del tothe de los autobúses?"

You could always tell him to fuck off, but that would be rude............


matt lobster said...

It may not be ending, but there's something going on...

iLL Man said...

That I cannot deny......