Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cup Madness

The third round of the Football Association Cup on both sides of the border is always something of a gala weekend. It's the round in which teams in the upper half of the league structure come into play, sometimes against teams in their own division, sometimes against pretenders from the league below or more unusually against teams so far below them that on paper at least, the tie becomes something of a mockery. Mockery? Ha! tell that to Burton Albion. Tell that to Nuneaton Burough. Tell that to Torquay United. Tell that to the other lower and non league sides that gave a variety of big clubs an almighty fright. In Scotland too there were some jaw dropping acts of giant killing. Non league Spartans sent Queens Park away from Edinburgh with their tails between theirn legs. 2nd division strugglers Alloa Athletic were only held to a draw by SPL team Livingston after conceding a last minute goal. Gretna, the team at the top of the SFL 2nd division managed to despatch St Johnstone, a team from the league above. SPL sides Dunfermline Athletic and Motherwell were both humbled by teams a division below, in Motherwells case, to the tune of a three nothing thrashing by St Mirren. None of this of course could prepare ANYONE for what was about to happened at Broadwood today. Clyde, a club in no little financial strife, with a meagre support and a team of players put together at the start of the season during a series of trials and under rookie managers Graham Roberts and Joe Millar have been slowly working their way up into a position behind First Division pace setters St Mirren this season. The tie against Celtic was seen as a money spinner. A Full house of 8000 and if they played their cards right, the possibility of a replay at Parkhead and the share of a, for arguements sake, gate of about 25-30,000. What actually transpired was a performance of breathtaking guile and endeavour as Clyde crashed through the SPL leaders like a herd of rhino. They won 2-1, had THREE goals chopped off and a penalty saved. The score flattered Celtic. All the horseshit about Roy Keane, all the wank about how Celtic were certs........................HA FUCKIN HA!!!. "They don't like it up 'em" as Corporal Jones would have it. As a Partick Thistle fan, I will say I have a deep well of antipathy towards Clyde, otherwise known as the Bully Wee, The Lodgers, The Gypo's.........They are the sworn enemy of your average Jags fan, but tonight i'm more than made up for them. Going by the responses at, I'm not the only one. Well done Clyde, enjoy it, I know I will......................... On a seperate subject, I've got "Worlds Wildest Police Videos" on at the moment. Wonderful idea for a TV show. Idiots on the run from the law, filmed from the dashboards of police cars. Great idea, except for the prescence of one John Bunnell. What a sanctimonious, creepy little twat this guy is. All I need is someone to tell me roughly what's going on in fairly measured tones, then i'll fill in the blanks myself. I do not need some ex Sheriff who sounds like Mr Garrison from South Park telling me that "These felons thought they could buck the Florida Highway Patrol, instead they'll be spending the next two years in State Pen" Argh!!! I know some folk think he's the best bit of the show and have right hoot at him, but not being stoned/drunk, I don't quite share that sentiment.


west coaster said...

Ah am to'ally wi' ye there big man. See them tims by the way. Know whit ah mean? Mah boay's a Cellik suppor'er. Me? Am a 'Ton. We got humped oot the thing beh Ayr Unitet. How sad is that? F**k Rangers and Cellik. Ah wance met Donald Findlay by the way. Mu''on chop whiskers? Bizarre!

Anonymous said...

Your point is caller?