Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coming To A Tourist Attraction Near You

Hello As those of you who have been to Clairwil already know, a site has been set up to chronicle our hopefully numerous jaunts around the countryside of Scotland. It is called The Gyp and will serve as a combined photoblog and chronicle of whatever nonsense we happen to get up to. We also plan to take in more exotic locations in England, Ireland and mainland Europe. Go to the site, bookmark it and keep an eye on updates. You too could be joining us in our travels.

I've noticed that the cartoons of Mohammed printed in Jyllands Posten, a Danish newspaper are continuing to cause ructions. It would seem that Danes, and Swedes for that matter, are distinctly persona non grata with an increasing number of Islamic countries. The cartoons were generally crude, tabloid and unfunny. They also deliberately disrespected Islam in the sense that graphic depictions of the prophet are strictly forbidden. I would say it's immaterial what some bunch of non believers, in their own country, make of your religion, but Islam, certainly in the east, is something of a Universal religion and as such a blasphemy, no matter how frivolous is regarded with a degree of seriousness that we find difficult to fathom. Goodnight.

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