Friday, January 27, 2006

Don't Smoke 'em All At Once.

Theres a group of them hang out at the corner shop down the road from my house and go to the all girl catholic state school in the area. They're about fourteen, short, a bit ugly, voices like foghorns....they euphemistically ask me to 'go intae the shop' for them. One day I will. I'll come out with a Herald and a Mars bar. Anyway, being perpetually almost late for work, I usually say no. I also say no because i've no intention of getting embroiled in their clandestine activities. I do it once, they'll be hanging about waiting for me to get them again. Anyway, I got called an arsehole for my lack of charity this morning. I'm an arsehole? Who's hanging about in the biting wind and rain at 8.30 am, waiting for some plonker to buy them a pack of fags? I do sympathise. It's a pain in the arse not being able to buy yr own until you're sixteen, but they obviously haven't the brains to source their fags from a shop that'll sell them to them or to nick them off their parents. Goodnight.


clairwil said...

Pah. I bet none of them have ever been on a gyp!

ill man said...

Indeed. A Gyp would do them good. Come, let us spread the word...(and a few other things besides)

Clairwil said...

The gyp is now up and running. I've e-mailed you the invite. Get gypping!