Friday, January 13, 2006


Poor David Duff, he's had his name AND persona hijacked. I could be wrong, but I think this is only the thin end of the wedge................ Not much else to add really, except to say that Blog Of The Week is still going over at A Mischief Of Magpies and i'd really like to see a few more votes on the board, regardless of which one you like best. Two new blogs in my links tonight. The Immediate and They Promised Us Jet Packs....... Both are fairly new and are deserving of patronage. Cheers! Fergus. Christmas Day 05


Clairwil said...

Who is Fergus? He looks like a fine fellow.

ill man said...

A local chap. He's a gorgeous fluffy thing and the photo doesn't do him justice. Very timid though and a bit reclusive. You don't need to get close to him anyway, it's enough just to watch him from the window or see him on your travels.

Anna said...

fergus is lovely.

thank you for the mention. i will definitely reciprocate your linking; the picture of the cute cat swung it in your favour, so i'm going to stop being lazy for a few minutes. how could i be mean to something that fluffy?

(..which i'm sure is a metaphor for life...or something to that effect.)

pretty decent photography, also.

ill man said...

Thanks Immediacy. The shot's ok, at it's proper size maybe........The camera's not great and I haven't got round to figuring out all it's functions yet so a good shot will be of interesting subject material like Fergus or the odd flukey shot that turns out better than you dared think. Like the one of the statue further down the blog. Now that I look at it, the duck pond one has some really nice colour contrasts in it...........

Shit, listen to if I know what i'm on about.

Cheers for calling in.

ill man