Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Search Engine Hit Parade

Far be it for me to pass judgement on what all you mentally ill fuckers type into Google or MSN, but I have decided some of these are too good to keep to myself and have decided to hold a weekly chart for the most outrageous query typed into a search engine, courtesy of my trusty tracker...................... In reverse order. At No3 it's that hardy perenial "Fuck+ Me" Not until you wash your mouth out with carbolic young man................ No2, it's the slightly saucier but no less romantic "Man+With+A+Hard+On" This week's No1 however is the truely majestic and probably never to be topped "Lost+Virginity+3+Way+Man+Filmed+Closet" I hope he or she found what it was they were looking for. I know I did....................... Gutte nacht mein Kinder.


alan said...

I'm confused. How do you know my search queries?

Sorry about the falling sand thing, I removed the link because odd things were happening with it.

ill man said...

That's nothing, when this place was 'Notes Of A Dirty Young Man', the my tracker was like a porn fiend's wet dream.

Falling Sand looked interesting. You know something, i'm obsessed with 'Days In A Day' which you posted up some months back. I think it's the music and sound effects that I love most.

Trane DeVore said...

I like this picture of steaming lights. Looks like meteors falling from the sky or something.

BTW, my best search engine inquiry to date has been "mixed gender locker room."

alan said...

falling sand was nothing like as good as the fantastic 'days in a day' - you'll be glad to know.

ill man said...

Hi Trane. It's the 'slow shutter speed' setting on my camera. It creates a streaming effect when I shoot from hand. I use it from time to time, but I prefer a good clean shot.

Alan, very true, and it works even better now I have broadband.

Steve55 said...

My personal favourite was 'TWAT FEVER.' I particularly like the capitalisation for emphasis.