Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Proper Happy New Year To You All

Must apologise for my unpleasant demeanour over Christmas and New Year. I find it tedious, expensive and tiresome. That said, some lovely people have popped in to wish me a happy new year, so I feel I ought to do it properly and wish all those that pass this way a decent new year. All the best and be not afraid to pass on yr pearls of wisdom more often. Even if it is to comment on the general poverty of my posting.................... Talking of which, I see from a quick rumble around blogland that a lot of people have made it their new years resolution to start a blog. Like resolutions though, I doubt many of them will be followed through. My only resolution was not to make resolutions.................. It's the only way to be even moderately happy. Caught sight of the demonic Gillian McKeith tonight on tv. Why are people so happy to be squacked at by this pinched and bitten little health nazi? It's like Trinny and Suzanna except instead of getting a spiffy new wardrobe to go with the ear bashing, you get some middle aged bonebag who probably has an enema for breakfast chastising you for enjoying the odd pint or bottle of wine. Ok, so I'm a physical wreck and "Enjoy" more than just the odd pint, but i'll be fucked if i'm going to do the detox goosestep to justify that horrid old hag and the massed ranks of lifestyle hacks who live for this part of the year to prey upon our insecurities about our health. Oh, and Gillian, I have five words for you. Jim Fixx and Charles Bukowski. Wouldn't that be hilarious? Anyway, interesting Death Row blog here and an accompanying site here, giving some background info. Seems a compelling enough case for the defense. Some feedback on this would be appreciated. Goodnight. *Picture taken at top of Kelvingrove on New Years Day. One of few "Accidentals" I manged to to take on my little traipse around my manor that day.


alan said...

nice picture!

and a belated happy new year!

ill man said...

Thanks Alan.

Happy New Year to you too.