Sunday, April 30, 2006

Getting Sunstroke By The Kelvin

Lovely weather up here in Glasgow. A lazy meander through Kelvingrove Park resulted in some of my best and favourite photos. The place was mobbed, mainly because the novelty of sitting in the sunshine has yet to wear off after the long winter months. I kept moving. Glasgow city centre is a different beast though. Thousands milling about like zombified cattle in the precincts, and more thrillingly, in any shops I was foolish enough to enter. The worst of it is that the slightest hint of sunshine has the fuckers out in next to bollock all clothing wise. I just wish those with deeply unappealing figures would realise that the sight of their grey, flabby beerguts, mis-shapen lycra clad arses and knobbly knees are the last thing anyone wants to see. Christ, even the eye candy gets boring after a while. I speak as a man with a junior beer gut. I know about dressing to cover my faults and not to buy t-shirts from Top Man.................... Or Gap. What a bunch of fuckers. The other day, I found a long lost Gap voucher in a coat pocket. Not unreasonably, I decided I wanted to spend it. So there I was, in this Gap place and looking for something to spend my £25 on. Nothing. Absolutely fuck bloody all. Are these cunts for real? They had a sale section full of ghastly jumpers and rather vile t-shirts and jackets. The rest of the shop was full of the stuff you might just have bought if it was about a third of it's marked price. Then again, you might not...................Do you see what i'm getting at? crap clothes at pocket shafting prices. Eventually I swallowed my pride and decided against auctioning the voucher on this here blog..........I bought a nice-ish shirt but I had to add an extra tenner to the voucher to do so. Defeats the point of the voucher somewhat, but there you go...................

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