Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hallo Zu Meinen Deutschen Lesern

Ill man has been translated!!!! Into German. It's a start I suppose. It would seem all Blogger stuff has been translated but I have to admit to a feeling of bewilderment and maybe a little pride as I read my latest dribblings translated into what Babelfish tells me is probably pretty ropey German. I apologise for my distinct lack of decent posts over the past few days. Work has been draining every last ounce of life from me. I usually resent bank holiday mondays for the fact that they just add another sunday to the week, but i'm genuinely looking forward to not being in that fucking hole of an office this monday. Right, that's yer lot. Turn out the light when you leave please............... Look!!


Billy said...

Hallo der Kranken Mann!

The translation is probably very dodgy (I haven't done any German for over 10 years now) but it is surprisingly fun. Or is it just me who thinks that?

ill man said...

I was rather taken with being 'der Kranken Mann' actually. The translation is very literal, but it's fun to stick through babelfish and find out how your latest post has been mangled for our teutonic friends.