Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Anyone want my egg? I got it from work and it just happens to be a grotty Nestle effort. Their chocolate is truly disgusting. When I say "does anyone want my egg?" what I really mean is "does anyone want my half eaten egg...................?" ahem! Can I just say as a matter of little importance, the new Morrissey album is starting to grow on me. Will it surpass Vauxhall And I? Dunno, but it's not nearly as patchy as his last few efforts..................More please Mr Moz.


lextc said...

really? ive only heard the one song.. its hard to beat the likes of 'hated for loving'.

Rob7534 said...

"does anyone want my egg?"

I don't know if I should answer that! Surely even bad chocolate is still GOOD? It's like pizza, you can't really make it taste bad if you tried!

I'll take the egg afterall. Please send via Airmail!

ill man said...

lextc- It's certainly better than his last few efforts. 'Vauxhall & I' is still the benchmark of his solo work in my opinion.

Rob- The only really foul tasting chocolate i've ever encountered is the Hershey bar. Vile. I'm being a bit harsh on the Nestle egg. It's just a bit too sickly.

Billy said...

I'm with you on the Easter eggs, something about the chocolate they use for the eggs just isn't right.

There is always the chocolate that comes with it though!

ill man said...

Rollo's in this case. Very nice.