Tuesday, April 11, 2006

This Is Why I Drink Every Night.

Strange day. The office liar disappears after half an hour only to reappear about two hours later on crutches. Apparently he tripped over his dog. Or injured his foot giving some guy a kicking. Depends on who you ask I suppose. He claims he's cracked a bone in his foot. I can't prove a thing of course, but I think it's a crock of pish. The whole place fell about in fits when he rolled in on the crutches. Even if his injury is real, he's told so many porkies to so many people that nobody believes him anymore. The afternoon was the same hellish brainbuggering grind as yesterday. Having to listen to people who talk about Star Wars like it really happened. You know, the sort of conversations you had with your friends about Star Wars when you were about nine.....................They talk about it like it's fucking Shakespeare or something. It's a poorly written, badly acted kiddies space western folks, grow up, leave it behind and go read some fucking Bukowski or something. The babble gets on my wick now I have nobody to talk to I suppose. I was on the verge of ramming sharpened pencils into my ears just to experience the serenity of not having to listen to other peoples banal conversations. I need to learn to shut off, and fast. I see Silvio Berlusconi's a bit fucked. What a cunt this man is. A fascist shit of the first water. Italy may not be socially oppressed, but it's media is in a straight jacket and the intention is obvious. Feed 'em the Italian version of 'God, Mom and Apple Pie', silence dissent and watch as your nation conforms. It seems that Romano Prodi's narrow election victory means Berlusconi may find his way into some sort of 'Grand Coalition'. I hope not. It would just mean he would escape the corruption charges levelled against him, from which he's immune as long as he has a semblance of power.

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