Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ill Man Vs Gerry Adams

Ok, not really, but there is a strange tale to relate regarding the bearded Sinn Fein chap. I had just had a rather fantastic evening meal in Cafe JJ on Dumbarton Road and decided to wander my way back to Great Western road through the back streets rather than negotiate Partick Cross. Anyway, I had my headphones on as a rather portly chap in a black leather coat approached me. He suddenly looked a bit startled. Coincidentally the song ended on my player and I heard him utter the immortal words........... "Christ!, I thought you were Gerry Adams.............." First of all, he's a cheeky fucker. I look nothing like Mr Adams. Secondly, if any of you think it's a sign that I should have a shave, you're probably correct but i'm buggered if i'm going to do it because of some fat wino. Maybe he thought I was off to bomb something. It's a miracle I wasn't arrested as I made my way home. I mean, if singing along to a Clash song is enough to get you nicked then i'm obviously on very shaky ground.


Larry Teabag said...

Hah! It's always fun trying to guess from people's blogs what they might look like.

Well now we know.

Anonymous said...

I can see i've painted myself into a corner on this one. Do I reveal my mugshot or allow people to imagine that I look anything like Gerry Adams(with or without a beard)

Hmmm. I'll think it over.

ill man said...

That was me. filled in the wrong box