Thursday, July 20, 2006

Darbyshire Syndrome.

I've been wrestling with this one for the past few hours and as yet can come up with no adequate answers as to why reading 'The Darbyshires' has brought about a hitherto unfamiliar feeling of utter ennui and existential terror in me.

Ok, I exaggerate, but only a bit...........

The Darbyshires are a rather self satisfied and dull couple with a dog (WHO ALSO BLOGS!!!). I tumbled over their blog on a post at Clairwil. It seems they have tickled the fancy of dear old David Duff(link still down) with their everyday 'antics'. Nothing wrong with that, plenty of blogs out there would put a hyperactive five year old to sleep. Every so often I look through my own meanderings and think "Christ, sometimes i'm glad only about a dozen people read my blog on a regular basis....." Everyone has off days.

I had actually dismissed the blog after a quick glance but I was encouraged to go back for more by Mr Duff, much to my regret (i'm far too biddable).

Oh dear! I shall leave you all to pass your own judgment but the latest post made me lose the will to live for five minutes or so...............This is potent stuff and should not be read by anyone. Full stop.

I should actually be grateful to Duff on this one. No longer will I dribble just any old toss purely to fill out a post. No longer will I bore you with things I already know you won't be interested in. Only the good stuff from now on................


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