Thursday, July 27, 2006


Yes, Foccaccia. At Firhill................ Fancy that? There was a time when getting a mutton pie of suitable consistency and warmth was an achievement. They seem to have pushed the boat out a bit this season. Helpful, smiley staff (we'll see how long that lasts...) and a decent selection of sundries. Nacho's, decent hot dogs, what looked like pitta pockets, soft drink dispensers that work, clean and clutter free counters. As I said, we'll see how long it lasts. I'm not normally too fussed about the purvey at a football match but I hadn't had my tea and I was ravenous. I decided to get into the spirit of things and ordered a cheese and ham foccaccia, much to the bemusement of the woman at the counter. Obviously not expecting to sell any then................. It was alright. A bit dry as these thing can tend to be. Just as well I ordered a coke. Well, I was asked if I would like a drink.............It's little things like that which put you in a good mood. Ok, she was only doing a bit of "selling on", but it beats the grim faced and amateur looking mob who have been slapping lukewarm and overcooked pies my way for the past few seasons. No longer will I have to make do with a twix or a mars bar when the ovens break down or the pies run out....... Typical 'pre-season friendly' turnout All that's needed now is a relaxing of licensing laws in this country and I would be able to wolf down my 'poofy sandwich' with a nice cold tumbler of beer instead of some sickly soft drink.

Nice dream................. The game? Typical pre season friendly. Loads of substitutions, not much action, playing 'guess the new player' and doing a damn good job of counting the away fans in the stand opposite.

Partick Thistle(in red and yellow) attack the Morton goal in the second half.

As promised, here are the links I couldn't get up last night.

Band Name Generator

At War With Baraka

The Baraka thing is worth a look. I downloaded the whole DivX thing, but all you probably need to do is download the codex to use with your own media player. As I said, I got about ten minutes out of it before it stopped on me. Still impressive enough to make me go and get the dvd......


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