Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kelvingrove Art Galleries

So there I was, wandering along through Kelvingrove Park with nothing much to do with my time. I was in the process of trying to shake off a bit of a hangover and for once in my life I was succeeding in beating the post booze blues. The weather was fine, I had just guzzled one of those 'subway' thingies and I wanted a bit of action of a sunday afternoon. So I went to.............. .........An art gallery. Kelvingrove Art Galleries had just been refurbished and opened the previous week. To be honest, it was late and busy and I only had time to take a quick look about, the odd photo etc. I'll put more up as and when. For now though, I present the halo'd Elvis, the WW2 fighter plane in the west wing hallway and the iron sculpture of 'The Vital Spark' in the grounds of the gallery. Cheers!