Monday, July 31, 2006

Glasgow Suffers Husker Du CD Shortage

You know when you're on a mission and nobody can stop you? Yeah, well I wish somebody had stopped me. It started at lunchtime when I made the the three quarter hour round trip to HMV to buy a few cd's. Did they have them? Did they fuck! They had all sorts of shite that would only be of interest to a drunken engineering student, they had the Sandy Thom cd (the antichrist is among us!!!) and they certainly didn't have any Husker Du cd's. Back I went to work with ten minutes to eat my lunch.

Three hours later and i'm wandering back into town like a zombie, convinced that I shall find what I want. It's started raining by this point and I realise very quickly that the soles of my shoes are letting in. Bollocks! I take a quick detour to be parted with fifteen quid at Deichman's for a new pair before heading down Sauchiehall Street, battling through the crowds of slack jawed shoppers and their detestable offspring that seem to live in Glasgow City Centre by day.

Virgin? Nothing. Borders? No chance. Fopp? closing at six O'clock the thick fucking bastards. Don't they know I will not be stopped? I wander along Argyll street wondering why it is that one of the great punk/alternative rock bands of the mid to late eighties don't have their cd's available in every music retail emporium. I get to HMV in Argyll street and find to my delight/disgust that yes indeed, they have more Husker Du cd's than I can possibly buy at this moment in time. The full collection by the looks of things. I pick one and take it to the counter and walk out with a vague feeling of mild triumph. I also feel a bit of self loathing, but then this is normal...........

Ok, so i'm home and I put the thing on, convinced this is the Husker Du album I really liked when I had it on vinyl.....................

Yeah, it's alright. Some good songs. Some unlistenable crap.

I am reminded of an arcane early nineties comedy catchphrase........

"It's Not What I Wanted......."

* *Actually, if memory serves me correctly, it was "It wasn't what I asked for", but then nobody remembers it anyway, so who cares?


Heather said...

You should have tried Avalanche next to Queen St Station- much better chance of finding Husker Du et al there.

WV: fxyfudgy, hee hee!

ill man said...

Doh! Of course. Cheers Heather, i'll do just that tomorrow.

"WV: fxyfudgy, hee hee!"


Anonymous said...

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