Thursday, July 20, 2006

Yet More Name Calling

Having called Glasgow City Council a bunch of dozy cunts the other day, I see no reason why I shouldn't keep the ball rolling. So on behalf of my poor sick mother, I would very much like to call the Royal Bank of Scotland a bunch of dishonourable, clueless and incompetent pricks. Cheers! Next up, we have crazy David Coulthard lookalike Dave "The Hoff" Hasselhoff and his new single. It's about picking up harmony singing chicks in dark alleyways by offering them a lift home. Very sinister indeed. This guy's creepy even when he's taking the piss out of himself. A major achievement. Finally a cheer for my man on 'Le Tour', Mikael Rasmussen. Four mountains this guy rode up today on his way to the stage victory and the 'King Of The Mountains' jersey. ........and he's got to do it all again tomorrow.


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