Friday, July 07, 2006


Ok, more lazy blogging coming up. Hell, you've had some good return out of me this week. A new story for those that like that sort of thing, and an attempt to generate some debate about the national anthem. Anyway, Rob's latest post about the impending 'End Of The World' had me reaching for my Swiss Army knife, baked bean supply and the key to the coal bunker. Theres also this link to the 'History of Armageddon' Timeline, which will either make you chuckle indulgently to yourself or give you the absolute willies. Not that i'm bothered or anything. The sages foretelling our doom have a 100% failure rate so far. A fair few of them are clever enough to be unspecific in their tales of woe. Nothing worse than leading the faithfull out on a cold November evening to meet the rapture only to find that God had other things to do that night like play bridge with Ghandi or sit scratching his arse watching Big Brother.


Rob7534 said...

HAHA! Excellent Illman! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the link as well!

I'm not sure exactly why one might get chills by reading the site, but I think it might come from the realization that all the predictions are from Fundamentalist Christians. Who are a scary lot in and of themselves.

It makes you wonder how "normal" people like can be, when they are so eager for the End OF The World!

Anonymous said...

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