Friday, December 30, 2005

Christ It's Freezing!!

It took ten minutes for the feeling to return to my legs this morning. Not nice. Now it's started snowing. Shite! Had hoped to put some of my own photos up tonight but Blogger is playing silly bastards with me so it'll have to be another "stockshot". Sorry. My rule with snow is the same as my rule with bodies of water. Lovely to look at as long as you don't expect me to go out in the stuff. I do hope the worst has past. We've had a light dusting out here in the west end. It's a pity the private school down the road isn't back yet or I would almost certainly see some hopeless cunt in a 4x4 come a cropper at some point. These are the little things that make life worth living, don't you think? Albums Of The Year - Ok, boring stuff, but I feel I can't let the year pass without selecting six of the best. Two tonight, two on Friday and the final two on saturday if I haven't lost the will to live............... 6- Bloc Party: Silent Alarm One of those records that unravels itself slowly in front of you and leaves you wondering how you lived without it. Obtuse but distinctive guitars, a genius drummer, delicate vocals and discreet but effective backing vocals are the base elements, all cut through with a world weary sadness that seems to be utterly genuine. 5- Eugene Kelly: Man Alive Eugene Kelly has been about as long as I can remember. His band was called Captain America until someone at DC(or is it Marvel?) decided otherwise. The band became Eugenius and released a rather fine record called Oomalama. Kelly had previously been in The Vaselines, a sort of c86 indie band. Their claim to fame was having three of their songs covered by Nirvana. One would have been forgiven for assuming that the big time was beckoning, but instead Kelly rumbled through the nineties in virtual annonymity. I will admit to losing touch with the great man since Oomalama and i'm not sure what he's released in the past five to ten years but this is an unexpectedly good record. As good as the last Teenage Fanclub Album. It's certainly varied, ranging from country ballads and Dylan-esque acoustic tracks to genuinely inspired moments of poptastic genius, the lyrics both caustic and heartbroken. To Be Continued.....................

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