Monday, December 12, 2005

Search Engines Say The FUNNIEST THINGS!!!!!!

.........Depends on what you define as "Funny". Hello. I'm changing the name of this blog. There have been some distinctly unappealing search engine entries appearing in my tracker and I want this to stop. This blog will be known in the interim as "The Ill Man". I hope this is not too big a problem for those who link to me. I'd just keep the links as they are if I were you............ On an lighter note... a big up for The Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary. I have just realised that I cannot fucking spell and probably never could. This big red beastie has been lying beside my pc for months and has aided me a great deal in my blogging, ensuring I don't end up looking like the illiterate bozo I'm beginning to realise I am. It's also a majestic read, if you take a moment to read a page or two. Gute nacht meine freunde

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