Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Random Stuff

I see that the attempt to impose a speed limit on Loch Lomond has fallen through. Am I missing something? You want to go up and down aimlessly on your speedboat/jetski etc? Well do it somewhere else. Try the sea. Windsurfers canoe-ists and sailors are fine, as are others who use the Loch, but it would seem that the economy of the area would die without rich, stupid cunts coming up from the Glasgow suburbs with their glorified bath toys. Why? They bring their own bloody fuel anyway.....................Can anyone inform me of what these people bring to a local economy that other loch visitors don't? In other news, I discovered today that my workmate is a bit mad. We had an interesting discussion about abortion and euthanasia. he's opposed to both. Fine. I told him I was in favour of choice. he couldn't believe what I was saying. Amused me no end that. He's not religous, not particularly moral etc, but his biggest problem was with turning off life support machines or withdrawing feeding tubes from the severely brain damaged, even at the behest of the family. He tried unsuccessfully to convince me that to do such a thing is morally repugnant. He couldn't believe I was so cold. I prefer rational to be honest. I was saved from further interrogation by a trip to the Koh I Noor curry house along the road for "Christmas Lunch". Well, it was a cheap common or garden buffet curry, but the change was welcome. Very nice interior too, which was rounded of with a fountain of all things, in the centre of the restaurant. Right I'm off to watch 24 Hour Party People, the rather fine, if utterly apocryphal biopic about Factory Records, The Hacienda and Tony Wilson. Goodnight!


Well man ! said...

You are sick.

alan said...

I agree entirely about those idiots on jet-skis. Even the sea is too good for them.

Clairwil said...

I've got my reservations about withdrawing feeding tubes myself. Starving someone to death is morally repugnant. I have no objection to a nice quick morphine overdose.

On a more serious note I'd like to drown those jet-ski twats.

ill man said...

Well Man, you merely state what I already know.

Re: Euthanasia. One point we touched on in the discussion and I agreed with my colleague was that you never really know how you would deal with these situations until they actually arise in your life. I'm not sure what the procedure for withdrawing feeding tubes is. If they believe the patient is unaware of anything, I suppose they could justify it. I agree completely though, that in such situations, the form of death thats quickest and involves the least amount of distress is the one that should be carried out.

I see i'm not in the minority over the jet ski tossers. It wouldnt be so bad if they were competing for something, but they just zip up and down mindlessly, making a god awful racket and annoying anyone else who wants to enjoy the loch. It's sad that a place of such stunning natural beauty can mean so little to these small minded pricks. It's just because they're too scared to try proper water sports like canoeing and wind surfing.