Friday, December 30, 2005

Someone Save Me From Hogmanay!!

I hate it. More than I hate Christmas. All that fake bonhomie, all that nostalgic pish, the dull relatives..............A few drinks then early to bed I think. Well, woke up at 9.30 this morning. Combined with the previous nights snow turning to slush and making it almost impossible to get to work, it made for the most distressing morning possible. Supervisor took it well. Can't keep doing it though. Thats three times in about two months i've been hugely late. Over at Clairwil meanwhile, one can find out some interesting things about Uzbekistan, just on the off chance you fancied a wee winter break there...... Check the comments for the wit and wisdom of David Duff too. A man of unparalled insight and intelligence I think you'll find....... ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Cont) Yes, It's still going........... 4- Elevator by Hot Hot Heat: Canadas Hot Hot Heat are more than just a tad underrated. Appearing roughly around the same time as The Strokes, they sounded a tad too much like The Cure in places, but their debut Make Up To Break Up was still the sort of thing you would stick on at a party before shouting at people for not dancing to it (the ignorant pricks). Elevator irons out the rough edges and presents a band who know they are fucking awesome but the rest of the planet are still asleep(or listening to Franz Ferdinand to put it less politely) Highlights? All of it, but Island Of The Honest Men, Running Out Of Time and Pickin' It Up should all convince you of their genius without any trouble. 3- Capture/Release by The Rakes: They sound like The Futureheads do The Rakes. No bad thing. Lyrically i'm reminded of Wire, Buzzcocks and The Jam. This short and sweet offering is highly addictive and acts as a sort of hymn to the weekly work/party/shag/drop dead routine of a million hollow eyed twenty something office scrotes across the nation. Fine stuff. Final two tomorrow folks, if you can wait that long................ aloha!

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