Friday, March 17, 2006

Bongo Chops and Hollywood Jim

A Sure sign of disquiet with your workplace is when you almost call a colleague by their nickname. To be honest, the above mentioned are good VFM. HJ in particular has been keeping us all tickled with his 'antics'. Do I have a nickname? Not sure. I did have one of the management thinking I'd lost radio contact when I was sat in one of the filing insets seemingly talking away to some cardboard boxes. I had in fact removed a box and exposed the ugly mush of Mullaney, my soon-to-be-departed workmate on the other side of the filing shelf. We had a bit of a natter about nothing much, but next thing I know, I've got big Steven popping his head in asking if i'm alright..... So they thought I was going mental. Far from it, in fact it would seem that mental hygiene is pretty low on the agenda in our place at times. Or is that just the effect office life has on some people? To try and blend in, I've taken to humming or whistling a bit of Tchaikovsky's Fifth at random intervals. Sure as hell beats the schmaltzy gank the guy behind me belts out indiscriminately. If I hear 'Watching The Girls Go By' or whatever it's called one more time............................. Wonder if he does requests................? Cheers!

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