Friday, March 24, 2006


Panoramic view of Station Park I'm off to watch Partick Thistle at Forfar tomorrow, so chances are i'll be too knackered to bother posting anything. I'll bring back some shots of the ground and the match though. Maybe even let you know how the famous Forfar purvie was................They usually sell out of their wonderful pies, bridies and whatnot before half time, or so i've been told. Shot from a 1960's cup tie against Hearts I've been there once before, as a child. We were on holiday in Montrose and found out that Kilmarnock were playing Forfar that weekend. There was an added attraction in that one of my mothers work colleagues was playing on a part time basis for Killie. So we all trotted off to Forfar to watch Jimmy(Gilmour). I don't remember the score, but I do remember the very small crowd and being able to wander round the ground at will. I also remember hearing Mr Gilmour swearing at a team mate and duly reporting it to my mother. Apparently she chinned him at work a week or so later, much to the poor chaps mortification........... Thistle have been to Station park already this season. This was our last visit prior to that game. A 2-2 draw was enough to see The Jags clinch promotion to the 1st division in season 2000/2001. A week later they took the title at Stirling Albion. Some five years later, two league championships, two seasons in the SPL and two consecutive relagations later, we find ourselves back at Station Park. Bon nuit mes enfants............

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