Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Glasgow Central Railway

This tunnel ran virtually all the way to the banks of the Clyde. Oh No!!!, not another 'West End Cultural History Project'.........Run Away!!!! Built in 1896 By The Glasgow Central Railway, it ran from Glasgow Central to Stobcross, under Kelvingrove park for a good mile or so before calling at three west end stations, Kelvinbridge, Botanic Gardens and Kirklee, before heading north and northwest to outlying suburbs. It closed completely in the early sixties. Trams, Buses and the Subway all did for this odd stretch of railway which spent a large proportion of it's distance underground. In the days of steam, this was not a good idea at all. This is a little wander I took along it's course, between the exit of the Kelvingrove tunnel and Kirklee Station.

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