Friday, March 31, 2006

Father, Put Your Teeth Away, They're Frightening The Children!!

Came in from work to find my old man grinning toothily at me. Considering he has virtually no teeth to speak of, this was something of a feat. It seems he's just had his plate fitted. Whilst he's having some trouble with his 's' sounds and looks like scruffy Frank McAvennie when he smiles he does at least have the consolation of being able to do a rather mean Sean Connery. It's only a matter of time before he's beating off the middle aged totty with a shitty stick. After the bizarre lengths I went to in my desire to watch Partick Thistle play over a hundred miles away in Forfar last weekend, the chance to watch them play ten minutes away will have to go a-begging. Instead i'll be Gypping with Clairwil to Pollock Park in the south side of Glasgow. To be honest I need a break from watching the hopeless buggers. I aim to enjoy myself rather than sit through another ninety purgatorial minutes of sub standard football on a pitch that looks like a ploughed field. Anyway, here are some links. Tiny Mix Tapes - A site in which one suggests a topic or title for a mix tape and someone goes off and compiles the song to fit your criteria. They've yet to use any of my suggestions but that's because they were all shite and entered whilst drunk. Needless to say, I remember none of them. Hopefully you'll have a bit more luck. Jon Gomm - Rather astounding Blues/folk guitarist who does things with a guitar I can only dream about. He also manages to sound brilliant with it, not even remotely wanky. Right, i'm off to drink some more beer. Gutten Nacht

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