Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ill Man Has A New Toy

Bought myself a rather flashy new MP3 player today. A Sony one of some sort. Loads and loads of memory. In fact, it's got more memory than I can possibly use at one time....... Oh well. It has a few flaws. New-ish albums sound fine, but anything made any more than fifteen years ago suffers a great deal. For instance, my Buzzcocks, Talking Heads and PIL albums sound really muffled and lacking in sonic prescence. Not ideal for those journeys where background noise is a problem. Also, I like my ears to be ringing a little when I take off the phones......Listening to Orgasm Addict like it was playing somewhere in the background is not much fun. Other news. People are apparently buying Blue Peter badges over the net to get into various attractions and museums for nothing. Good! I cannot abide that awful, smug, shithole of a programme. No wonder kids turn to violent video games, sex and substance abuse when this annodyne garbage is what passes for after school TV entertainment in the suburbs. Don't see what the problem is anyway. Whoever owned the badges obviously had no more need for them. Why should they sit redundant in peoples drawers and side boards when they can be on someone elses lapel gaining them cheap or free access to something interesting somewhere in the country?


Clairwil said...

God I used to loathe that fucking programme. How I laughed when the kids trashed the garden. The look on presenters faces was priceless. Still a couple of Blue Peter badges might come in handy during our gyps. Get bidding.

ill man said...

I'll have to ask my mummy if I can use her credit card first.