Thursday, January 11, 2007

Farewell Harry Horse

Really sad news. Not sure what else to say......

And now........

File under: Oh For Fucks Sake!

From this weeks Radio Times letters page.

"I know she's a popular character, but I'm pleased to see Sonia in hot water in EastEnders (Christmas Day, BBC1). Killing someone by hitting them just once may seem unlikely, but it's perfectly possible. Often, the very same dramas that, admirably, go to great lengths to highlight the problems of men beating their wives think nothing of showing women slapping each other senseless, or men punching each other to the ground. The victim usually suffers nothing more than a small social embarrassment, and the perpetrator of the violence is too often seen as acting normally. But, in the real world, even small acts of violence can have horrible consequences. Well done, EastEnders!."

A wind up, surely? Even if it's not, it's still a nugget of unintentional comedy gold. The sort of person who would think nothing of making passengers on buses and trains wear crash helmets.

Just pray he doesn't have a job at your local council

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