Monday, January 22, 2007

Since I've Been Gone...........

The weekend had me floored before it had even begun. I fell asleep in front of a Monty Python DVD at about 7pm and didn't awake until midnight. Cue lot's of swearing and general grumpiness. What to do for the next four hours?

Mooch about peoples blogs?

What do you think?

Saturday saw some success in locating a much coveted pair of brothel creepers and then out for the Ill Mothers birthday party. It all rumbled off in a bit of a blur and I got decidedly drunk again and ended up sitting up at about 2am listening to Mozart with my dad. Why? Don't know. Like I said, I was very drunk.

...........and so they're away. Off to Haddington the two of them, staying in some posh hotel. Envy doesn't even begin to scratch the surface............ Todays weather made me feel a little less grim but at this time of year such days are the exception rather than the rule.

Plug time: I know nobody will be remotely interested but the Messiah of Maryhill, the Maestro of the Malapropism, the Whitburn Pigeon Fancier and self confessed 'Mad Bastard', the one and only John Lambie will be having a belated testimonial match in his honour tomorrow night against a Rangers select. Expect a few well known ex-hun and Thistle faces to stroll out for a while and show off their beer guts too.

Details of the match are HERE.

The Surreal World Of John Lambie.

"Our first goal was pure textile."

“His name was Declan Roche and he was talking back to me - so I got these dead pigeons out of a box and slapped him round the face with one.”

Trainer - "Boss, it's concussion, he doesn't know who he is"

Lambie - "That's great, tell him he's Pele and get him back on."

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, a short(ish) report from Amsterdam is up on THE GYP. Pictures too.


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