Thursday, January 25, 2007

I Didn't Know My Mother Had Such An Evil Sense Of Humour

................ Or that she has a sense of humour at all..........

Seven thirty yesterday morning and I'm in that lovely Never-land between being asleep and being awake. Then the phone goes. Cursing a bit I stumble to the phone labouring under the mistaken belief that it may be a call of some importance.

It's mother, calling from deepest, darkest East Lothian wanting to know if everything's Ok. Bloody Hell!

"Are You Up?"


"Good. I'm just having my morning tea"

"Lovely!, couldn't this have waited until tonight?"

"No!" (laughing)

I hear my father in the background grumbling about wasting money on calls to shiftless sons at ungodly hours in the morning. I take this as my cue to wind up the call.

It went again this morning but it seemed to be some automated voice telling me I had a message waiting. Text message maybe? If I'd bothered to find out it would probably have read:

"It's your mother. Time you were up! Have you done a washing? Make sure the dishes are done by saturday.

Crazy thing is, she'd be 100% correct.

Where's the Acdo?


May said...

Moms, what would men do without them? She will always be on your side. Can you say this of many women?

SzélsőFa said...

7,30 is a bit late in my book :))

ill man said...

May - I think that's a wee bit unfair on women. Sometimes the overgrown babies we become are very hard for anyone but a mother to have any sympathy for.

Szelso Fa - Show off!! ;D