Saturday, April 28, 2007

'Life In A Scotch Toilet Cubicle Pt I'

"..........and then I stumbled upon the comment box and realised I could truly say nothing of any real worth.

To those who engage with the spirit of humanity alone, those who accept dichotomy and exception, those who reject simplistic, verbatim reasoning and easy answers, those who actually understand what they are saying..........

I give my humble respect and hope against hope that you aren't wasting your time."

On the other hand, all you can expect here is witless swearing, obnoxious flippancy and few, if any prisoners. Oh yeah, and the odd YouTube clip. Hurrah!

As predicted, I'm three sheets to the wind and presently doing my best to making the situation worse. Aren't weekends wonderful? If you're wondering why my spelling is so good, well don't. I'm just better than you, get used to it.

Spent the night with some peeps from work and the lame buffet at La Tasca apart, it was fairly enjoyable. Got to meet my pal Adam's girlfriend and to be honest she was the only thing stopping the the evening descending into one long 'footy centric' circle jerk. Instead we talked about who we fancied, what makes a man 'gay' and who we would shag if we had to 'do' a bloke. All very much to the amusement of the female company.

For what it's worth, my choices were Amy Winehouse, 'Fucked If I Know' and Kevin Spacey.

or have I got that the wrong way around?

Ok, enough pish, let's go Youtubin'...............


matt lobster said...

You think you're great at spelling? I spelt 'irreducible' yesterday. Don't know what the word means but I still claim superiority.

Amy Winehouse? Definately.

iLL Man said...

I actually only think I can spell. A quick reference to the blogger spellcheck after I've hacked out each post indicates that my spelling is truly abysmal.

Amy Winehouse. Looks like the sort of dame that would ride you hard and put you away wet.

Ok, I know, too much information on that one....