Tuesday, April 03, 2007

We Will Return After These Messages.....

Another late post. Blogger threw a spaz on me, so I've had to content myself with spouting nonsense over on ptfc.net.

I've been soup making tonight. It was just an ad-hoc thing, based around Clairwil's idea of a "What's in the cupboard/fridge/leftover from last nights tea" soup. I was missing a few things, but then I did add a few odds and sods too. It looks a bit 'minestrone-ish'. Not sure if that's right, but it certainly tastes damn fine. I'm sure the iLL Mother (and she's been a bit iffy recently) will help herself to some of it tomorrow.

Two more things. I can heartily recommend as a day trip, taking the Carlisle train from Glasgow Central and alighting maybe at Dumfries. All you need is a cracking day. The Ayrshire leg is a bit of a curates egg, some of it's a wee bit grim, but the scenery is lovely. The section that follows the Nith to Dumfries is pretty much unspoilt. If yr feeling brave, you could always get off at New Cumnock or Auchinleck..................(No, seriously, DON'T!!)

The other thing I realised was the droning noise I've been hearing in the background on Sunday afternoons for the past eight years or so is the Glasgow Tigers speedway team at Ashfield Stadium. I had never bothered to go until Sunday there. To think I pay out good money after bad every fortnight at Firhill, when I could be having twice as much fun watching lunatics ride around a 350 meter shale oval on motorbikes with no brakes. Oh, and you can have a few beers while you watch. What's that all about? Are they mad? Are they European?

Gutten Nacht!


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