Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down

The Ill Mother has hit the Guinness. I came in tonight and there she was with her wee bottle and a glass, watching Paul O'Grady. Nice. Never tasted Guinness until tonight actually and quite frankly it's awful. I drink a fair amount of things that make most people recoil in horror but Guinness has a similar effect on me. It tastes ghastly. I'll bear that in mind next time someone with a pint of black and white shite mocks me for drinking wheat beer. Still, she used to drink gin. If you can drink gin you can drink anything...... Back at work...........I now won't be able to look at blogs at lunchtime. they're cracking down on emailing so it's no surprise they're making up reasons to interfere with your lunchtime surfing. You get access to the blog itself, but the comments box comes up with some sort of blocking message telling you that you're trying to access porn. Que? I tried to look at Over Here but the connection wiped out and sent me back to the desktop. Looks like they're onto you Sandra....... It's all a pile of wank to be honest, they just want to break you and make you more compliant to any shoite they decide to fling at you........people just end up in situations where they seek out their little skives, make sure they do just enough work and no more or recede into surreal banter and general arseing about. "Little Victories" as Norman Stanley Fletcher put it.


Anonymous said...

Never drink Guinness from a bottle. Especially not when it's your first pint.

It's definitely an acquired taste, but to enjoy a proper pint, make sure that you get a pint of draught (properly poured - there's a technique to it)...only then can you say it's awful.

Anonymous said...

The beauty of Guinness is the way it turns your shit black. How cool is that?

Your spot on about workers seeking out their own little skives. No amount of blocking or monitoring will increase productivity. As the saying goes, "you can lead a horse to the water but you can't make it drink"

Old Knudsen said...

Fucking internet nazis, I didn't fight the Japs at Normandy for this, yes Guinness is minging but good for a shite.

Anonymous said...

I can't read blogspot blogs from work any more, and it's making my work day very long and boring.
Porn? On my blog? I've never had to resort to cheap tactics like that to get readers! Threats to non-voters was enough.

ill man said...

Don't think it was porn on your site Sandra, just the connection playing silly beggars.

Anonymous said...

PS: You get my vote for best opening sentence of the week.

ill man said...

Kav - Nah, really, how much better can draft Guinness be? It would still make me retch.

Don - I hear red wine is meant to make yr bobo's turn green. I'd hate to think what a night on the claret, Guinness and Pernod would do to you.

Old Knudsen - You fought the Japs at Iwo Jima,not Normandy. You're getting your theatres of war all mixed up.

Sandra - Cheers missus! Must have been a slow week for opening lines.......;D

lism. said...

Fascists. Nobody's ever attempted to block my internet access at work in any way which is a miracle considering the amount of skiving I do - still, if they tried, I'd claim I need it for my job. All of it. Yay journalism.

I tried Guiness once, I was scunnered for life. Admittedly I took a shot of it though.